“Now You Can Discover EXACTLY How
Mark Pruitt Won Senior Market Advisor Magazine’s Advisor of the Year Award!”

And the winner of Senior Market Advisor Magazine’s 2012 Advisor of the Year Award goes toAdvisor Of The Year

Mark Pruitt of Strategic Estate Planning Services, Inc. of Dallas, Texas!

We offer our sincerest congratulations to Mark for his excellence in the Financial Advisory field. His award is well-deserved.

This is obviously quite an exciting event for Mark and his family. And frankly… it came as quite a surprise to Mark.

You see… Mark is by nature a very humble man. He’ll be the first to admit he’s not an aggressive, “take no prisoners” advisor who’s just out to make a buck.

So how did this quiet ex-minister qualify for the coveted honor of Advisor of the Year? Well, this is where things get very exciting…

You see, through a special arrangement between Mark and InsurMark, he has agreed to reveal EVERYTHING related to how and why he was chosen for this high honor.

We’re talking about his unique strategies, techniques, tactics, and tools he uses on a day-to-day basis to build his business to levels the “average” advisor can only dream of.

This information is so crucial to your success… and to all the advisors and agents we serve… that InsurMark has created an entirely new program and format to relay this commission creating information to you.

We call this new program Advisors Chat. The program will feature the Top Independent Financial Advisors and Life Insurance Agents in the country, and we’ll get them to reveal their coveted secrets to their success you can use immediately to build your own business.

First up on Advisors Chat? None other than Mark Pruitt.

In addition to the “laundry list” of secrets listed on the left side of this page, you’ll also get to interact with Mark LIVE! Ask him any question to take your business to the next level… get “inside tips” from one of the masters of the craft…and discover how YOU might just have a chance at next year’s Advisor of the Year Award!

So don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to go one-on-one with a true producer in the industry. Register TODAY to reserve your “virtual seat” at InsurMark’s very first Advisors Chat session with Mark Pruitt!

For Questions Call: 800.752.0207 or comment below.

Watch Mark Pruitt Reveal His Secrets on These Special Videos Now!

InsurMark is proud to announce our exciting new program called Advisors Chat! Our first series of webinars will feature Mark Pruitt, Senior Market Advisor Magazine’s 2012 Advisor of the Year. Now you can listen in as Mark reveals the following secrets to his success:

  • How his 18 years in the ministry perfectly prepared him to become a world-class advisor

  • Mark’s “Secret Sauce” for treating the Senior Market with care and respect… that drives elderly clients to him in droves!

  • The “little things” that Mark does which endear him to his clients… and catapults his commissions to new heights… month after month

  • The 4 critical elements that can kill a retiree’s dream for a successful retirement, and how Mark makes them non-issues for his clients

  • Why Mark chose InsurMark as his IMO above all others, and how that decision became a crucial aspect of his success!

  • Mark’s single “Secret Weapon” that propelled him to Advisor of the Year status

  • The one question to ask your clients that can prove you’re becoming a world-class advisor!

  • ... and much, much more.